Fall colours of the fairy tale forest

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Autumn has arrived in southern Norway and the “fairy tale forest” known as Krokskogen, just outside Oslo, has been ablaze in fall colours in recent weeks. Krokskogen, on the way to Hønefoss, was the setting for many fairy tales written by Peter Christen Asbjørnsen and Jørgen Moe back in the 1800s and also for a classic book by Bernhard Herre in the mid-1800s, En jegers erindringer (Memoirs of a hunter). These photos were taken after hiking from the parking lot at Kleivstua, at the top of a toll road that begins at Sundvollen. Hover your mouse over the photos to see the captions and click away:

  1. The remains of an old gondola lift known as Tønneheisen - "the barrel lift" - emerges from the morning mist.
  2. A hiker on a remote marsh enjoying the warm sun of a surprise Indian Summer day.
  3. On the first October day, the virtually unknown pond known as Attogframtjern - "back and forth lake" - is basking in morning light.
  4. Treetops mirrored in the still water, seemingly ablaze with fall colors.
  5. A nameless marsh in Krokskogen.
  6. The remote ridge of Øskjevallsbrenna under a an intensely blue autumn sky.
  7. The old lookout tower on the ridge of Øskjevallsbrenna is now history, having collapsed in 2009.
  8. Fog shrouding the lower parts of Krokskogen, seen from a point near the forest farm of Øskjevallseter.
  9. The forest farm known as Øskjevallseter sure has seen better days.
  10. A solitary hiker exploring the the Øskjevallseter forest farm, which for centuries served as grazing land during the summer season.
  11. Fog and afternoon sun mix in the fairy tale forest.
  12. The fall colors have arrived.
  13. A flag flying near the forest lodge called Kleivstua, with the foggy forest as backdrop.
  14. The Sundvolden village on lake Tyrifjorden, partly obscured by cloud.
  15. The view from below: A wide fog carpet coming down from the Krokskogen plateau.