Autumn trails in the Oslo hills

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PICTURE STORY: Autumn treks are popular past-times in Norway, before snow and ice cover the hiking trails. A relatively gentle blåsti (a hiking trail marked in blue) into the hills of eastern Nordmarka from the parking lot next to the Hakadal train station, north of Oslo, leads outdoor enthusiasts through refreshingly open pine and spruce forests to a small and historic nature preserve called Karlshaug. We checked it out and can wish our readers: “Happy trails to you!”  ALL PHOTOS: Morten Møst

  1. October mist in Karlshaug nature preserve, the smallest of its kind in the hills above Oslo.
  2. When trees fall in this area, they will never be cleared away.
  3. This golden marsh with its tiny pond has no name on the map. It marks the northern border of the Karlshaug preserve.
  4. The huge anthills in this area have now quieted down for the winter.
  5. The trails in this part of the forest go past colorful, moss-covered rock faces — lovely, but slippery.
  6. Nature's own art — pine needles, crumbling leaves, and fresh weed.
  7. Reaching the scenic Hyttetjern - "cabin lake". Yes, there is a cabin there.
  8. Nature's own art II: A splash of fall color in movement.
  9. A babbling brook in the deep forest.
  10. Nature's own art III: Water on the move.
  11. Naked tree trunks on parade: Spruce legs, the locals call them.
  12. The forest opening up, offering a view to Paradiskollen - "Paradise ridge", hovering over the valley of Hakadal.