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Monday, July 22, 2024

Max burgers moving into Norway

Sweden’s highly successful Max hamburger chain opened its first outlet in Oslo last spring, and it didn’t take long before the burgers won high marks among media reviewers and the public. Now Norwegians can expect to see more Max outlets popping up along major highways, through a newly formed company called Things of Convenience.

Max's first outlet in Norway, shown here early in the morning before opening time, is about to be joined by more around the country. PHOTO: Views and News

The company has big plans to expand in Norway, reports newspaper Dagens Næringsliv (DN). It’s involved in a real estate deal involving the purchase of Veikroer Eiendom as, which owns 10 roadside restaurants that all are leased out to Mövenpick-owned Marché. Max will soon be moving in next to the Marché restaurants.

Luleå-based Max, known for spotlessly clean locations, local ingredients and an environmental commitment that includes carbon ratings on its products, is expected to initially move into 10 locations along the E18 and E6 highways at Drammen, Holmestrand, Rygge, Kløfta, Vestby, Espa, Lillehammer and Sollikrysset. More are likely to follow.

“Max will be a nationwide hamburger chain and we know from Sweden that roadway locations are extremely important,” Børre Halvorsen of Things of Convenience told DN. The intention is to gobble up market share from Burger King and McDonald’s, which have had challenges competing against Max in Sweden. The popular Oslo location at Eger Torget took over a former Burger King location, and now boasts lower menu prices and lots of customers.

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