Snow finally arrives – and lots of it

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Residents of Stryn, in the mountains of Sogn og Fjordane, woke up to 50 centimeters of heavy, wet snow on Monday. Snow also fell at high elevations in southern Norway and many places around the west, with reports of the long-awaited white stuff coming in from Stavanger as well.

The Oslo area remained mostly bare of snow and ice, although there’s been some dusting in the hills of marka around the capital. In Stryn, however, the situation was bordering on extreme.

“It was snowing for around 12 hours,” local resident Arne Vik told Norwegian Broadcasting (NRK). “I had to go out and drive, and that wasn’t very nice because the snow was heeavy and wet.”

It was still snowing at midday but it was due to taper off later in the afternoon. Around 25 centimeters fell in Luster, and there were long lines of cars moving slowly on a slippery E39 highway near Moskog in Førde. At Florø, one resident reported 22 centimeters on the ground.

There were reports of some accidents, with cars sliding off roads in Oldedalen and in Stongfjorden in Askvoll.

State meteorologist Arnstein Tjøstheim predicted more snow into the evening, and sleet during the night. The weather was due to be less windy and clearer both Tuesday and Wednesday, with colder temperatures. But then they were forecast to rise again later in the week, with more rain, sleet or snow.

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