Author wins reprieve

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Norwegian author Åsne Seierstad, whose book about a bookseller in Kabul ended up selling well worldwide, says she’s relieved after winning her latest round in court against the family of the bookseller himself, who claims her book violated their privacy.

“I’m relieved the court believed that what is written in the book, is true,” Seirstad told news bureau NTB.

The latest legal conflict was with Suraia Rais, wife of the bookseller, who sued both Seierstad and Oslo publishing company Cappelen Damm. Rais demanded compensation for the embarrassment she claims Seierstad caused, and for what she claimed were factual errors in the book. In an initial court round, Seierstad and Cappelen Damm were ordered to pay Rais NOK 125,000 each in compensation.

The appeals court ruling reversed that but the legal conflict isn’t over. Rais already has said she’ll appeal, to Norway’s Supreme Court.

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