Author wins over Afghan subject

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Åsne Seierstad, the Norwegian author who enjoyed international success with her book about a bookseller in Kabul, has finally won a long drawn-out lawsuit filed by one of the bookseller’s wives.

Suraia Rais had sued Seierstad in an Oslo court, claiming Seierstad had defamed her family and used “negligent” journalistic practices. Both she and her husband had also felt that Seierstad’s revelations of their lives invaded their privacy. The bookseller had allowed Seierstad to live in his home in Kabul while she collected material for her book.

Seierstad lost at the lower court level but won at the appeals court level, where damage claims against both Seierstad and her publisher were reversed. Rais then appealed to Norway’s Supreme Court.

Last week came news that the high court had refused to hear the case, meaning the appeals court decision stands and Seierstad prevailed.

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