Police probe new threat from Breivik supporter

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Norway’s police intelligence unit PST is investigating who’s behind an e-mail sent to several Norwegian politicians and journalists on Monday. The writer, who claims to be part of Breivik’s alleged Knights Templar network, threatens to liquidate Norwegian leaders if Breivik isn’t acquitted.

The writer claims Breivik, who has confessed to carrying out last year’s terrorist attacks that killed 77 persons, sacrificed his own life in his battle against multi-culturalism. The writer claimed that members of Knights Templar won’t accept a verdict that would “ignore” Breivik by determining that he’s insane. The writer therefore demanded an acquittal of “our commander.”

While some terror experts doubted the e-mail’s legitimacy, PST “views this letter as a threat,” Anne Karoline Bakken Staff of PST told Norwegian Broadcasting (NRK). “We’re taking it very seriously, and we’re investigating it.”

The letter was sent the same day as the release of a report by the government-appointed July 22 Commission, which harshly criticized the emergency response to Breivik’s attacks.

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