Islamic radical released from custody

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Ubaydullah Hussain, arrested last month for making what police viewed as threats against journalists and Norway’s Jewish community, has been released from custody. An appeals court in Oslo, acting on a ruling from Norway’s Supreme Court, decided there no longer was a basis for continuing to jail him pending results of the police investigation.

Hussain, age 27, leads the Islamic group Profetens Ummah and remains charged with making threats. He has denied threatening anyone, with his defense lawyer John Christian Elden claiming that he was being held because of his opinions about society. Elden had appealed Hussain’s custody to the Supreme Court and won.

Police said they will continue to investigate what they still claim were threats, and will continue to monitor Hussain’s group of what’s widely viewed as Muslim extremists. Hussain most recently had been held in the high-security unit of the Indre Østfold prison in Eidsberg. staff