‘Network error’ blocked banking

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Bank customers all over Norway were left without electronic access to their accounts for several hours on Monday night, because of what the country’s largest bank, DNB, called a “serious network error” at its supplier of electronic banking services.

A spokesman for Evry, which delivers electronic banking services for many of Norway’s major banks, confirmed the network error and apologized to bank customers who were inconvenienced. The error made it difficult if not impossible to use either automated teller machines (called “minibanks” in Norway) or online banking, and bank card terminals around the country were affected as well. That made it difficult for customers to pay for goods or services with their bank cards.

The trouble began around 7:30pm Monday evening and lasted until around 11pm, when the Evry spokesman told Norwegian Broadcasting (NRK) that the problem was solved. He expected operations to be back to normal on Tuesday.

newsinenglish.no staff