Couple, son charged in triple murder

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UPDATED: A Pakistani-Norwegian couple and their son, all residents of Oslo, have been arrested and charged in a triple murder believed to have been carried out in Pakistan just before the weekend. The victims reportedly included the husband of the couple’s daughter.

Police were careful about releasing many details, but Norwegian Broadcasting (NRK) reported that it was the daughter who reported her parents and brother to the police. Two of the three persons killed in Gujrat in Punjab province are brothers, and the third person was their father.

Police confirmed that none of the three murdered was a Norwegian citizen. Neither the couple nor their son have any prior police records, and all denied having anything to do with the murders.

NRK reported that the 64-year-old father, his 51-year-old wife and their son were present in Norway when the murders were carried out, and they’re charged as accessories to the murders, which are under investigation by Pakistani police.

Neighbours of the couple in Oslo told NRK that there was a major police operation outside the couple’s home in Oslo’s Furuset district on Saturday evening. There were several police cars, around 10 armed police officers and special forces along with ambulances involved in the arrests.

Police asked an Oslo court to hold the three murder suspects in full isolation for at least two weeks, while the investigation proceeds. The court granted the custody request for the couple, but their 29-year-old son was released from custody Tuesday afternoon. Police appealed the release, meaning the young must remain in custody until the appeal is heard.

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