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Monday, July 15, 2024

Engine fire halted Oslo-bound flight

A British Airways flight bound for Oslo had to make an emergency landing at London’s Heathrow Airport on Friday after fire broke out in one of its engines. All passengers on board were evacuated down the emergency slides.

Ambulance services in London reported that three persons were treated for minor injuries sustained during the emergency landing. There were 75 persons on board the Airbus A319 jet, which had just taken off Friday morning when it had to return for an emergency landing.

An eyewitness told Sky News that the aircraft swayed from side to side while thick, black smoke billowed from the engine that was ablaze. Many on the ground feared the aircraft would explode, but the pilots landed it safely and everyone was evacuated.

One passenger on board hailed the British Airways crew for doing a “fantastic job” and issued a public “thank you” via the social media site Twitter.

There was speculation that the jet may have flown into flock of birds. British Airways announced that a team of experts would examine the aircraft to determine the reason for the fire.

British Airways cancelled both of its two scheduled flights from Oslo to London later in the day and there were major delays at Heathrow because of the accident. staff



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