Rockslide isolates hundreds

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UPDATED: Around 500 residents and visitors in the small community of Todalen in Nordmøre, central Norway, were isolated last week after a mud and rockslide roared down a nearby mountainside, blocking the only road into town.

The slide also tore down a powerline between Surnadal and Sunndal, leaving them without power and telephone connections. An improvised solution brought electricity back to the community on Friday, but all road transport in and out of Todalen remained disrupted.

The town’s roughly 325 residents could only be reached via boat, after the slide also tore out sections of the road. Emergency crews weren’t sure when they would be able to repair the road enough to get it open again.

Several tourists were also trapped in the isolated if scenic area, and local officials were working on ways of getting food and communication to them. Local newspaper Tidens Krav reported no injuries after the slide, but much uncertainty and inconvenience. staff