Two men killed in avalanche

Another avalanche crashed down a mountainside in the popular skiing destination of Lyngen in Troms, Northern Norway, on Saturday. Two men from Tromsø got caught in it, and were declared dead at the scene. The weather was clear and sunny, tempting skiers and trekkers out for what’s called a topptur in Norway: trudging up the […]

Avalanche victims lacked location devices

Two German tourists killed in an avalanche on Svalbard Thursday were not equipped with electronic devices that could help them be located under the mounds of snow and ice. Both were found and dug out after an hour of searching, but emergency crews later had to declare both dead at the scene. The two avalanche […]

Man survived avalanche near Trollfjord

A 50-year-old man who’s been a mountain guide for Queen Sonja survived an hour-and-a-half buried under the snow on Sunday, after an avalanche crashed down on a group of highly experienced outdoor enthusiasts. The group of nine were snowshoeing their way down a recommended winter trail on the border between Lofoten and Vesterålen when the […]

Polish researchers killed on Svalbard

Two Polish researchers out skiing on Svalbard were found dead on Sunday, apparently after getting caught atop an avalanche in the southern region of the Arctic island group. Both worked at Poland’s research station at Hornsund on Svalbard. “We’re in shock,” the leader of the research station told Norwegian Broadcasting (NRK). The researchers, a man […]

Two killed in another avalanche

Two Norwegian men were killed in an avalanche in Nordland County Tuesday afternoon. They were each operating excavators in an effort to open a local road after the winter when the avalanche came crashing down. The alarm sounded at around noon, and the emergency response was swift with both police, ambulances, volunteers and a SeaKing […]

Another deadly avalanche in Norway

A 16-year-old boy out snow-mobiling in a valley in southwestern Norway on Sunday afternoon got caught in an avalanche at Åseral in Vest-Agder. He died after being buried under the mounds of snow and ice for three hours. Emergency search and rescue crews numbering around 35 people and including two specially trained dogs struggled to […]

Search postponed for last avalanche victim

Renewed danger of avalanches has prompted search crews in Northern Norway to postpone efforts to find the body of the fourth victim of a fatal avalanche earlier this month. The search will resume this spring. “Unfortunately we’ve come to the point where we simply have to wait until spring before we take up the search […]

Two more avalanche victims found

Police in Northern Norway confirmed they had found the bodies of two more of the four skiers who were killed by an avalanche in Tamokdalen in Troms on January 2. They were struggling, however, to locate the last victim and were trying again on Friday. Search crews were using specially trained dogs to help find […]

Search crews find one of four avalanche victims

Search crews that finally were able to dig through snowdrifts in efforts to find the bodies of four missing skiers recovered one of them Wednesday morning. The skiers, three men from Finland and a woman from Sweden, were caught in an avalanche in Tamokdalen on January 2. Massive search and rescue efforts were hampered by […]

Residents evacuated as storm hits Svalbard

More than 100 residents of Longyearbyen, the main settlement on Svalbard, were evacuated after a severe winter storm slammed into the Arctic island group on Svalbard. Schools, day care centers and several stores and businesses were also closed, as meteorologists warned that the weather would get worse before getting better. Avalanche danger was set at […]