Confirmation course to be offered in English

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The popular Norwegian rite of passage known as konfirmasjon, tied to confirmation of religious or human values, is now about to be offered in English for those opting for the secular ceremony.

Newspaper Aftenposten reports that not only is there demand for an English-language confirmation among expatriate families in Oslo, who want to take part in the confirmation tradition in Norway, but that also some Norwegian youth want to go through the confirmation process in English.

They want to prepare themselves for adult life in English, according to the Norwegian Humanist Association (Human-Etisk Forbund) which conducts secular confirmation ceremonies in Norway. The idea of taking the preparatory confirmation course in English also appeals to Norwegian teenagers who want to improve their English. The course includes studies of human rights, humanism and outlooks on life, critical thinking and ethics.

The new English courses will begin in January, with the confirmation ceremony to take place at Oslo City Hall on May 10. staff