Stormy flight shook up football team

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Norway’s national football team has been on a bumpy ride of late, but nothing compared to their stormy flight to Molde during the weekend. The aircraft  carrying them from Herning in Denmark to Molde in Norway was rocked by strong winds and turbulence.

“I was very stressed,” admitted layer Mats Møller Dæhli to newspaper Dagbladet. He and other team members ended up flying right into the extreme weather system called “Hilde” that hit the west coast of Norway on Saturday.

The national team had lost a match against Denmark Friday night  by a score of 2-1. On Tuesday they’re scheduled to play Scotland in Molde and their travel collided with the storm. Dæhli candidly said he was scared, adding that “I thought, ‘now it’s over.””  He wasn’t alone. Morten Gamst Pedersen also commented on the rough landing in Molde, “in comparison to what we’re used to in Finnmark.” The squad was hoping for less turbulence in Molde at matchtime. staff