Metal band does well in US

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The Norwegian metal band Kvelertak, which literally means the act of grabbing someone by the neck, has grabbed attention in the US. Its album Meir (which means “more” in the nynorsk version of the Norwegian language) was ranked as the next-best metal album of the year by Rolling Stone magazine.

The album was acclaimed for being both powerful and elegant, with its guitar-playing highlighted. The band, which sings in the dialect-inspired nynorsk as opposed to the more Danish-influenced version of the language known as bokmål, may thus spread the reach of nynorsk across the Atlantic and, given Rolling Stone’s popularity, around the world.

The magazine’s list of the best metal albums of the year was topped by the band Deafheaven for its Sunbather album, reported newspaper Dagsavisen on Friday. In another sign of how Norway plays an important role in both metal and black metal music, Deafheaven was announced earlier this week as one of the bands due to play at next year’s Øya music festival in Oslo. staff