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Monday, June 17, 2024

Landslide and flood leave officials baffled

The county of Nord-Trøndelag was dealing with the aftermath on Thursday of yet another natural calamity that forced evacuations and left authorities puzzled. Geologists and technicians now think an undersea landslide set off a tidal wave of sorts that smashed into the small community of Nord-Statland.

Authorities were reviewing the wreckage that initially was believed to have been caused on late Wednesday afternoon by a landslide into the sea on the other side of the fjord. Police thought that sent a huge wave crashing into the small port. No one was injured but more than 50 people had to be evacuated.

On Thursday, a closer look into the damage indicated that the landslide itself couldn’t have set off such a reaction from the sea. Now officials at the state waterways agency NVE think an underwater landslide is to blame.

The damage occurred not far from where firefighters were battling a blaze that swept across the Flatanger peninsula. Police arriving at the scene west of the city of Namsos said the small coastal community looked like a battlefield itself, with damaged boats scattered at sea and several buildings destroyed or badly damaged. Some were only partially above the waterline. A car and several docks were also tossed into the sea.

One witness said the wave that crashed into the village was around 15 meters high (more than 45 feet). Officials were meeting with residents Thursday afternoon, to let them know when they may be able to move home. staff



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