Flash floods sweep through valleys

UPDATED: Torrential rains and a freak rise in temperatures that rapidly melted snow in Western Norway led to flash flooding during the weekend, forcing evacuations and causing widespread damage in many mountain and valley areas. One barn was swept off its foundation and moved 50 meters, with 13 goats inside. Several local mayors were describing […]

Bergen drenched by more heavy rain

Cellars were flooded, roads closed and a day care center was evacuated after Bergen and much of the West Coast was hit by another torrential rain storm that continued through the night. Police and city officials were overwhelmed, even in a city accustomed to lots of rain. “We’ve never seen anything like this,” John Magnus […]

Damage claims pour in after heavy rain

Residents of Kristiansand and several other areas of Southern Norway were mopping up after being inundated with heavy rain that set off flash flooding during the weekend. Insurance companies had already received hundreds of claims because of water damage by Saturday. “It’s mostly because of interior water damage and cars that were under water,” Sigmund […]

Heavy rain closes E18 highway

Norway’s southern city of Kristiansand was hit hard Friday afternoon by torrential rain that was prompting city officials to call in civil defense forces. Flooded tunnels on the E18 highway that runs through the city forced their closure at around 5pm. Emergency crews were summoned to help evacuate motorists who unwittingly drove into the Banehei […]

Floodwaters may have topped out

UPDATED: Rapid snowmelt combined with rain continues to cause seasonal flooding in southeastern Norway but officials think the worst may be over for now, after some rivers were raised to “red alert” levels heading into the weekend. Water was rising most places, Knut Ola Aamodt, a hydrologist for the state waterways agency NVE, told state […]

Mjøsa tapped to prevent flooding

This winter’s enormous amounts of snow in both the mountains and the valleys have led to such severe flood danger this spring that authorities have begun tapping Norway’s largest lake, Mjøsa. The idea is to boost capacity in Mjøsa for the spring run-off. Southern and Eastern Norway have had the most snow in years, and […]

Warnings up for both floods, snow

Winter is coming: A sudden plunge in temperatures accompanied by strong winds and precipitation surprised both residents and motorists in Southern Norway during the night, just as areas of Agder and Telemark counties were bracing for more heavy rain. Flood warnings were up again, as were those for possible road closures. Floodwaters receded in the […]

Sørlandet hit by more flooding

UPDATED: Heavy rain in Southern Norway sparked more flooding that forced closure of the E18 highway from Arendal in Aust-Agder all the way to Kragerø in Telemark on Sunday. Five county roads were also closed, but most were reopening on Monday. There was so much water on the road around Lundevatnet that driving was hazardous. […]

Southern Norway braced for rainy weekend

State meteorologists were warning residents of Southern Norway, especially the area from Kragerø to Kristiansand known as Sørlandet, to prepare for more intense rain during the weekend. The heavy rain can also cause more damage and flooding. The area is still mopping up after severe flooding just three weeks ago. Now flood warnings were posted […]

Flood prevention funding reduced

The floodwaters that recently inundated many areas of Southern Norway have since receded, only to be replaced with a new flood of criticism against government officials. Last week’s state budget proposal contains a major reduction in funding for flood- and landslide prevention, just weeks after those responsible stressed the importance of such preventative measures. Norwegian […]