Norway gives millions to Balkans floods

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The Norwegian government pledged NOK 43 million (USD 7.2 million) in short and long-term aid to help with the flood crisis in Bosnia-Herzegovina and Serbia. NOK 10 million was allocated in emergency assistance, with the remainder earmarked for reconstruction, announced the Foreign Ministry on Monday.

More than 40 people have died since last Wednesday, after record rainfalls in Bosnia, Serbia and parts of Croatia created the worst flooding in 120 years, reported Norwegian Broadcasting (NRK). More than 1 million in Bosnia have no access to clean water, and over 100,000 buildings have been destroyed. Both Serbia and Bosnia have poor economies, and the rebuilding is expected to cost billions.

“The government has allocated NOK 43 million to the flood disaster in Bosnia-Herzegovina and Serbia,” said Norway’s Foreign Minister Børge Brende in a statement. “My thoughts go out to all those who are affected by this catastrophe. Norway will concentrate efforts on the reconstruction phase. The support will go to the rebuilding of institutions and infrastructure like schools, hospitals, roads and bridges which have been damaged by the flood, but part of the support is allocated to cover immediate needs.” staff