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Sunday, May 26, 2024

Waterfall filled with dishwashing liquid

Tensions bubbled over in the Sør-Trøndelag municipality of Malvik on Wednesday after swimmers repeatedly poured dishwashing liquid into the pool below Nævra waterfall. Both locals and tourists have turned the pool into a jacuzzi for years, but authorities said the foam posed a threat to spawning salmon.

The river is a tributary for a popular salmon fishing river, reported local newspaper Malvikbladet. A number of restrictions were in place to increase the salmon population.

“It is not acceptable to pour dishwashing detergent into the river,” said Malvik municipality’s environmental adviser, Lars Slettom. “Both fish and bottom-dwellers are harmed by the substances found in the soap. We will do everything necessary to stop this.”

“We have put up signs that clearly say this is illegal,” deputy mayor Knut Sjøvold told Norwegian Broadcasting (NRK). “We hope that people will adhere to the rules. People are probably unaware of the damage they’re inflicting on nature, so I don’t think it’s meant spitefully.” He said if the bubble baths continued, the police would be called.

“Last time I was there, bottles of dishwashing liquid were floating everywhere,” said one anonymous local, who swam in the foam-filled pool a couple of days ago. “Ever since I was little I have heard of this phenomenon, and it was fun to test it out, but I didn’t know that it led to environmental problems.”

Lilleborg, the company which manufactures “Zalo” dish soap said the detergent was not harmful to the environment, provided the recommended amount was used. The bottles carry the slogan “one drop is enough.” staff



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