Landslides hit Troms

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Residents and motorists at Lyngen in the northern county of Troms had some scary moments on Thursday after a series of landslides left them trapped along a highway east at Rørnes, east of Tromsø. More slides blocked the main E6 highway farther south at Nordkjosbotn.

The slides were set off by heavy rain in the area, and the lightning and thunder that came with the rain initially prevented rescue helicopters from flying in to liberate the trapped motorists.

Police reported that all were eventually  rescued. Three slides hit the Rørnes area first, followed by the slide at Nordkjosbotn and then another at Rørnes, which is near the ferry terminal carrying passengers over to Olderdalen and the main highway towards Storslett and Alta in Finnmark.

Boats also assisted in the rescue efforts. There were no injuries and better weather was forecast for most areas of Northern Norway through the weekend. staff