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Monday, July 15, 2024

Jihadists and terrorists may lose their citizenship

The Norwegian government announced over the weekend that it’s considering revoking citizenship to those who take part in terrorism, or warfare outside of Norway that’s not part of approved Norwegian military operations. The proposal is aimed at Norwegian jihadists who head off to take part in holy wars.

“This is meant to send a strong signal to those who want to take part in terrorist operations and warfare abroad,” Solveig Horne, the government minister in charge of equality and integration, told news bureau NTB.

The government is alarmed by Norwegian citizens who have traveled to Syria, for example, to take part in the country’s civil war, and not least by Norwegians known to have joined the brutal Islamic State (IS) organization that’s carrying out atrocities in Iraq. Government ministers claim it’s important to consider various measures aimed at discouraging radicalization and terrorism. Countries including Denmark, the Netherlands and the UK have already imposed new rules that can strip foreign warriors of their citizenship.

Several government ministers including Prime Minister Erna Solberg were also taking part in a major demonstration against extremism planned for Monday afternoon. The march against extremism has been organized by Norwegian Muslims who oppose violence and have mobilized against extremist Islamic views, contending that the extremists are exploiting and badly misinterpreting Islam. staff



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