Handball team heads for Euro semi-finals

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Norway’s women’s handball team was on course for getting into the semi-finals of the European Championships, after beating Spain by a score of 29-26 on Saturday. Player Betina Riegelhuth was getting lots of the credit for the Norwegians’ strong performance at the major competition playing out in Hungary.

“She’s making Norway’s best shots right now,” coach Thorir Hergeirsson exclaimed when the match against Spain, one of the powerhouse teams in women’s handball, was over. Riegelhuth’s professional teammate Maja Jakobsen, who also plays for the Storhamar club, agreed: “No one in Norway is shooting harder than Betina. It’s just raw, that power she manages to get from her shoulders.”

Norway has already beaten all its opponents at the European Championships so far, and faces Poland and Hungary early this week. The competition wraps up next weekend.

newsinenglish.no staff