Joshua French suffering from malaria in prison

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Joshua French, the young Norwegian-British man who’s serving a life sentence in a jail in the Democratic Republic of Congo, has become seriously ill with what’s believed to be malaria. His mother reported that his condition worsened on Tuesday and he may be transferred to a military hospital.

Kari Hilde French has been living in Kinshasa for more than a year in order to try to care for her son, who has been in custody since being arrested for the murder of a local taxi driver in the spring of 2009. His former business partner who also was tried and convicted of the murder died in prison last year, an apparent suicide.

French’s mother, who visits her son every day, told state broadcaster NRK that he was suffering from a high fever and earlier had stopped talking. He is serving multiple life sentences under rough prison conditions. Attempts by Norwegian authorities to get him transferred to a prison back home in Norway have failed. staff