More ‘peace rings,’ in Trondheim and Oslo

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Hundreds of people turned up to hold hands and form new “rings of peace” over the weekend, creating a “peace zone” in Trondheim Friday night and embracing a mosque in Oslo.

In Trondheim, organizers told state broadcaster NRK that both Muslims and people from other religions wanted to show their support for the Jewish community, following recent attacks in Paris and Copenhagen. “We want to show them that their fear is our fear,” said Ferhat Güven, one of the initiators of the project.

In Oslo, nearly 750 people signed up to take part in a ring around the Central Jamaat Ahle Sunnat mosque downtown. “We are a group of fellow human beings who … want to show that we don’t view Muslims as a threat, but as an enrichment of Norwegian society,” wrote the organizers on social media.

Police reported that both arrangements were conducted peacefully. They followed last week’s ring around the Jewish synagogue in Oslo, which attracted international attention. staff