Biathlon team won bronze at World Championships

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Norwegian skiing fans who didn’t get enough of the Nordic World Ski Championships in Sweden last week could start watching the Biathlon World Championships in Finland this week. And Norway’s mixed relay team got competition off to a good start when they won a bronze medal on the opening day of competition.

The Norwegian biathlon athletes, who combine cross-country skiing with marksmanship, haven’t had a great season this year, with several suffering various illnesses or seeming out of form.

On Thursday, however, the two biathlon brothers Tarjei Bø and Johannes Thingnes Bø teamed with Fanny Welle-Strand and Tiril Eckhoff to win the bronze medal in the relay. Eckhoff wasn’t satisfied with her portion of the race, claiming her teammates “cleaned up after me.” The Bø brothers did, making up for failed shots and skiing fast.

Skiers from the Czech Republic won the gold medal, while France won the silver. Competition continues through next Sunday. staff