Shakespeare’s Globe returns to Oslo

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Actors from Shakespeare’s Globe in London will be returning to Oslo this summer to mount a production, in English, of Romeo & Juliet at the historic Akershus Fortress and Castle.

It will be the fourth time since 2009 that the theater company presents one of Shakespeare’s plays inside the castle that dates back to the early Middle Ages. The setting, according to producer Anne Schinrud, “creates a framework around the performance that hearkens back to Shakespeare’s time.”

The Globe casts performed A Comedy of Errors at Akershus in 2009, A Midsummer Night’s Dream in 2010 and Hamlet in 2011. Now they’ll perform the classic tragic love story in cooperation with the cultural foundation at Akershus, Stiftelsen Akershus festining for Kunst og Kultur (SAKK). The performances will run from June 12-14. staff