Norwegian hockey team finally scored a victory

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After three losses in a row, Norway’s national ice hockey team finally won a match in World Championship action Wednesday night. The victory increased the team’s chances of competing in the quarter-finals.

The Norwegians beat Slovakia by a score of 3-2, with 19-year-old Mattias Nørstebø scoring two of the three winning goals. Newspaper Aftenposten reported how Nørstebø has been playing well in world championship competition even though the team lost to Russia, the US and Finland.

Slovakia reportedly didn’t play up to expectations despite the large turnout of Slovakian fans at the match in Ostrava in the Czech Republic, close to the Slovakian border. The Norwegians weren’t affected by their support for the home team.

The Norwegians will now face Slovenia on Friday, Denmark on Saturday and Belarus on Tuesday in the run-up to the quarter-finals. staff