Goats called in to clean up overgrowth

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Islands in the Oslo Fjord may soon get some new four-legged gardeners, also publicly administered areas where there’s a need to maintain a so-called “cultural landscape.” Goats, it’s believed, can be an effective and environmentally friendly means of pruning trees and bushes and cutting the grass.

Local authorities think a special breed known as the “coastal goat” in Norway has a grazing pattern that would be well-suited to the islands where overgrowth is blocking views and choking off areas that once were open. The goats’ grazing would also eliminate the need to spend money transporting equipment and personnel to do the pruning, chopping and mowing needed.

The regional agricultural authority has applied for state approval to launch a pilot program on islands in the inner Oslo Fjord and in the valley of Sørkedalen.

newsinenglish.no staff