National hockey coach scores new job

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Oslo’s Vålerenga ice hockey club has been looking for a new head coach, and found one in a high place: Roy Johansen, who’s stepping down after 15 years as coach of Norway’s national men’s hockey team.

Johansen initially said he’d retire as national coach after the world championships in 2014, but extended his coaching term through this year. Then he’ll take over at the legendary Oslo club in his own home town, where he’ll also be reunited with former fellow players Espen “Shampo” Knudsen and Stig “Myggen” Johansen.”

Knudsen, who has been head coach for Vålerenga, will move up to become sports chief for Vålerenga. “I’ve played with both Espen and Stig, and now we have former Vålerenga players in all the top positions,” Roy Johansen said at a press conference this week.

Vålerenga is in the process of building up a whole new team, and Knudsen was glad to get the former national coach on board. “We’re certain he has the drive that will put us back on top,” Knudsen said. staff