Rock-hard snow leads to skiing injuries

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The Norwegian Red Cross was having a busy Easter holiday week, after icy conditions led to treacherous ski trails. More than 100 injuries were reported by Thursday morning, just as the long holiday weekend was beginning.

Red Cross professionals were urging skiers to exercise caution on the ski trails. A big difference in temperatures between night and day meant that soft trails in the late afternoon were rock hard in the morning.

“We’re seeing a lot of cuts and bruises because the snow is so sharp,” Jørn Kristensen, shift leader for the Telemark Red Cross told state broadcaster NRK. “It’s been a hectic Easter so far.”

His crews dealt with 18 accidents on Wednesday, including broken bones, lacerations and sprains. The Red Cross, as always, has hundreds of people on patrol in the mountains of Norway during Easter, also at lower elevations. staff