Art thief left his wallet behind

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Pål Enger is known as Norway’s most famous art thief, convicted of stealing the National Gallery’s version of Edvard Munch’s Scream just before the Winter Olympics got underway in 1994. Now Enger has been convicted again, after badly bungling a break-in.

Enger, age 48, was sentenced this week to two years in prison by an Oslo city court for stealing 15 works of art by Pushwagner, Vebjørn Sand and Camilla Grythe from the Fineart Gallery in Oslo. Newspaper Dagbladet reported that he snatched several graphics by Pushwagner, with the value of his haul estimated at NOK 635,000.

He was arrested just before Christmas, though, after leaving a major tip for the police at the scene of his crime – his own wallet. They quickly tracked him down and Enger ended making a full confession, which earned him a reduced prison term. staff