NRK opens archive of Nazi propaganda

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Norwegian Broadcasting (NRK) has been converting its earliest programs to digital format in recent years, in order to make their old newsreels available online. The newsreels include Nazi propaganda created between 1941 and 1945, when Norway was under German occupation.

Called Filmavisen, the weekly newsreels would be shown before films at Norwegian cinemas. During the war years, they were used to spread Nazi propaganda, especially since Norwegians had been ordered to turn in their radios after the German invasion.

Putting the war years’ newsreels online will make it possible for Norwegians to click through the Nazi propaganda of the time, via NRK’s website “Filmavisen is important Norwegian history,” said Ingrid Belt, division leader of the NRK archives. “We have gathered everything and put it out together. We want to share the entire Filmavisen archive from 1941 to 1963.” staff