Personalized license plates finally loom

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Norway finally looks set to do what places like California introduced more than 40 years ago: Allow motorists to order personalized license plates for their vehicles.

A new proposal on personalized license plates has been been sent out to hearing, nine years after the issue first came up in the former left-center government. Former government minister Liv Signe Navarsete of the Center Party resisted the idea, calling it “vain,” and state highway authorities never got around to implementing calls to mounting a personalized license plate program. Now it has, and if the proposal is approved, Norwegian car owners will be able to order what some still call “vanity plates” next year.

“Car enthusiasts have been asking for this for a long time,” Transport Minister Ketil Solvik-Olsen of the Progress Party, told news bureau NTB. “I’m glad this is now going out to hearing. A ban on personalized plates is unnecessary, and it’s great if we can soon offer this.” staff