Search for slide victims suspended

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After more than a month of hazardous searching through unstable mud and clay, police in Sørum have suspended efforts to find the two remaining victims of a landslide on November 10. The body of a third victim was found in the masses of earth that also buried a tractor they were working with.

“We have finished searching through the areas of the slide where it’s been possible to search, and where we believe it’s most probable to find those missing,” Hans Holmgrunn of the local police operation told state broadcaster NRK.

He stressed that the work has been demanding and risky. Geologists have deemed the remaining unsearched areas as inaccessible for safety reasons.

Holmgrunn said a search may resume in the spring. Still missing and presumed dead are two Lithuanian men who were carrying out forestry work when the land slid out from under them. The cause of the landslide has still not been determined. staff