Vinmonopolet’s Easter sales soared

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Norway’s state wine and liquor monopoly Vinmonopolet registered brisk business when it opened for the first time during the long Easter holidays this year. New figures show that it sold 1,077 liters a minute on the Saturday between Good Friday and Easter Sunday.

Vinomonopolet has always been closed on that day, wedged into the five-day Easter holiday weekend, but government reforms allowed it to open this year. The move generated sales even stronger than expected, much higher than on Saturdays in general.

Vinomopolet reported that it sold 323,000 liters of alcoholic beverages on April  15. That’s 30 percent higher than a “normal” Saturday, according to newspaper Dagens Næringsliv (DN). The chain’s retail outlets were only open for five hours that day, resulting in sales of 64,000 liters an hour, or 1,077 a minute.

A Vinmonopolet spokesman said the state liquor monopoly normally sells around 250,000 liters on Saturdays. staff