Fugitive kangaroo caught on Karmøy

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Residents of Karmøy on Norway’s west coast were startled to see a kangaroo hopping about their island this week. The kangaroo had escaped from the Haugaland Zoo but was back in captivity on Thursday and resting at a local animal clinic.

“We got her in the end,” the zoo’s general manager Bernt Kai Velde told state broadcater NRK on Thursday. The kangaroo, named Bølla, disappeared during feeding time on Tuesday through a gate that was inadvertently left open.

There were several sightings of the kangaroo around the island and Velde said the animal was stressed when he and his crew finally managed to locate her, shoot her with a tranquilizing dart and carry her back to the zoo.

“She’ll get a thorough examination because she’s been stressed,” Velde told NRK. “There have been very many people around her when she’s been spotted. We tried to urge folks to keep away from her, but it is of course very exciting to have a kangaroo at Torvastad (on Karmøy).”

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