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Monday, May 20, 2024

Paper delivered dubious greeting to US

Norwegian media outlets have, like so many others around the world, been closely following the ongoing drama and surprises around the US’ new president, Donald Trump. One Norwegian newspaper fired off an editorial on the US’ 4th of July holiday Tuesday that was anything but a friendly greeting.

Entitled Gratulerer, USA (Congratulations, USA), the editorial in newspaper Dagsavisen started off by stating that Norwegians could only “hope for better days for the superpower of the West.” This year’s 4th of July was not a day for hurrahs, according to the editors at Dagsavisen.

They called Trump’s first six months in office “undignified, insane and unreal.” Trump, they wrote, “has proven himself to be exactly the man warned about during the campaign. The man is a scandal and has made American anything but ‘great again.'”

On a day meant to celebrate the constitution that inspired so many other democracies around the world, the US was instead being viewed as a divided country that’s lost its balance, wrote the paper. “When the world’s largest democracy, the world’s most important stabilizing force for the past 100 years, is led by a disrespectful clown with a Twitter account, it’s dangerous,” Dagsavisen concluded. “Trump is not only dangerous for his own citizens, he’s dangerous for us all.” staff



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