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Sunday, May 22, 2022

Østmarka wolves have a new litter

New film from special cameras set up in Oslo’s eastern forest known as Østmarka has captured new wolf pups, believed to be the offspring of a wolf pair that settled in the area last winter.

Two of the young wolves were photographed in mid-July. Wildlife enthusiasts are pleased while local farmers are likely to be unhappy because they feel the wolves threaten their free-grazing sheep.

“We have a breeding pair of wolves in Østmarka again,” Ida Glemminge of the state wildlife management agency Statens naturoppsyn told state broadcaster NRK. The male wolf is believed to have wandered to the forests east of Oslo from Trysil, not far from the Swedish border.

Glemminge believes he met a female wolf in Østmarka who’d been left alone after her father was killed in January 2016. That left just three orphaned wolves in Østmarka and both young males wandered away. Now that the orphaned female has paired with the male from Trysil, Glemminge said they won’t move after having had pups and establishing their own territory.

“When wolves pair up they hold together as long as they live,” she said. “They’ll defend their territory and chase away other wolves.”

Two of their offspring have been photographed and there may be more. They may wander as a pack, with the adult male spotted from Karihaugen in the north to Spydeberg in the south.

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