Wolves’ fate up to the Supreme Court

Norway’s Supreme Court started hearing the state’s appeal of a rare victory for those trying to save the country’s allegedly protected wolf population from the rifles of those who feel threatened by them. Some say the court decision may change Norway’s predator policies forever, or usher in more laws against them. Ranchers, forest owners and […]

Rural politicians marred fundraiser

Leaders of more than 30 small communities around Norway followed through in sabotaging the country’s annual fundraiser last weekend, when they refused to take part on behalf of their residents. They didn’t like how wildlife preservation organization WWF had been tapped to manage the money raised for this year’s good cause: ridding the seas of […]

Anti-wolf regions sabotage fundraiser

Around 20 rural communities around Norway were being branded as petty and divisive heading into the weekend, because of their announced plans to boycott the country’s major annual television fundraiser on Sunday. World Wildlife Fund (WWF) is the organization selected to receive funds raised to help rid the seas of plastics, but several rural politicians […]

Half the wolf population under threat

Wildlife commissions in four regions of southeastern Norway sided with ranchers and landowners on Thursday in calling for a wolf hunt aimed at wiping out five wolf packs now living in wolf zones where they’re supposed to be protected. That’s twice as many as the commissions’ professional secretariat advised. The commissions for the regions of […]

More wolves shot but ‘not enough’

A few more wolves have been shot in Southern- and Eastern Norway in recent weeks, including one in the mountains above Ringsaker and another in Søndre Land. A total of 12 were authorized to be gunned down in Hedmark, Oslo, Akershus and Østfold, but six have escaped so far. The hunters have until May 31 […]

Labour keen to shoot more wolves

Norway’s Labour Party is drawing fire over a controversial new proposal to make it easier to shoot more wolves in Norway. As the wolf population grows, to the relief of conservationists, Labour is scaring former environmental allies with what it claims is merely an attempt to reduce high conflict levels. There are now somewhere between […]

Court agrees wolf hunts were invalid

WWF won a long-sought victory this week when an appeals court ruled that two out of three wolf hunts authorized by state officials in 2017 and 2018 were invalid. The hunts involved wolves belonging to managed and protected packs, while a third hunt won court approval. The hunt allowed in the winter of 2017-2018, when […]

Deadly day for wildlife in Norway

A polar bear and four wolves, officially listed as protected species in Norway, were all shot to death on New Year’s Day. The polar bear made the mistake of refusing to wander out of the main settlement on Svalbard, while the wolves were killed by hunters as soon as they received controversial permission to all but […]

Dead wolf was poisoned

Police in eastern Norway have confirmed that a dead wolf found floating in a lake in the small community of Åsnes in Hedmark was poisoned. Wolves have also been found poisoned earlier in the same area, and police are calling the incidents “extremely serious.” They’ve also found bait laced with the poisonous chemicals contained in […]

Wolves shot, both killed and moved

With snow on the ground making it easier to track wolves, Norwegian authorities took to the air this week in another controversial move to control the country’s wolf population. Two wolves were shot and killed, while a third was sedated and moved to a wolf protection zone. State wildlife agency SNO (Statens Naturoppsyn) and the […]