Wolf shot near Oslo

Another wolf was shot in the hills northwest of Oslo over the weekend, in the forest known as Krokskogen. Authorization had been issued, and the wolf wandered right into the firing line of a hunter otherwise waiting for moose. Newspaper Aftenposten reported that the female wolf was shot in the area of Krokskogen, a popular […]

Wolf supporters join meat boycott

The ongoing battle between those trying to preserve Norway’s wolf population and farmers wanting to preserve free-grazing traditions for their sheep and lambs has moved into grocery stores. Wolf supporters are joining a boycott rooted in social media against the purchase of all meat caught in conflicts. Sausage made from sheep meat in Norway (called […]

Wolf pups found in eastern Oslo forest

Norwegian wildlife authorities have confirmed the discovery of a litter of baby wolves in Oslo’s eastern forest known as Østmarka. That brings the number of new wolf litters to three in Norway and a fourth along the border to Sweden, prompting other state officials to authorize a new wolf hunt this winter that’s sure to […]

Dog attacks and kills seven sheep

A dog belonging to the owner of a holiday cabin at Nordseter, in the mountains above Lillehammer, hunted down and killed six lambs and a sow that had been released for free grazing this summer. Wildlife officials from Statens Naturoppsyn are calling on all dog owners to respect leash laws that are in force from […]

Wildlife inspectors find two wolf litters

The state agency in charge of tracking wildlife in Norway (Statens naturoppsyn) has found a total of 11 wolf pups in dens set up in the counties of Hedmark and Akershus. The little wolves were said to be of normal size and “in fine shape.” Four male wolves were found in the area of the […]

Call issued to end a ‘barbaric’ hunt

Wolverine pups that haven’t even seen the light of day are routinely pulled out of their mothers’ winter dens and shot by Norwegian wildlife officials. The controversial practice is part of state-authorized efforts to reduce the wolverine population in Norway, because it threatens free-grazing sheep and reindeer. “I’ll never get used to taking the lives […]

Thousands rallied to protect wolves

Norway’s internationally controversial wolf hunt spurred more demonstrations over the weekend, this time to save the country’s wolves from what many fear will be threatened extinction once again. The new Norwegian government minister in charge of climate and environment issues also wants to protect wolves, but claims he must allow the hunt to proceed since […]

Court refused to block wolf hunt

A court in Oslo declined to grant another injunction to halt a state-authorized wolf hunt in Norway. The leader of the hunt, which resumed right after a pause during the holidays, quickly vowed “to take out the rest of wolves” allowed in its license to shoot 16. Around 100 eager hunters have been tracking down […]

Three more wolves shot in Rendalen

Hunters taking part in a major and controversial effort to greatly reduce Norway’s wolf population shot and killed two more wolves on Wednesday while wounding a third. The wounded wolf was later found and killed as well. Norwegian Broadcasting (NRK) reported that it took several hours for around 50 hunters to track down the injured […]

Anti-wolf activists target Stormberg

Norwegian sportswear producer Stormberg has become the latest target of farmers, hunters, landowners and others who want to all but rid Norway of wolves. They’ve resorted to burning Stormberg clothing after the company started financially supporting wildlife organization WWF, to help protect endangered species. Stormberg’s initial donation of NOK 400,000 a year to WWF is […]