Norwegians warned against unfiltered coffee

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Norway’s public health directorate is warning the country’s coffee-loving population against drinking the non-filtered variety. Coffee that’s pressed, boiled on the stove or even brewed in fancy machines contains oils that can raise cholesterol levels.

The warning, broadcast on NRK’s nationwide newscast Dagsrevyen Sunday night, is bad news for Norwegians who are passionate about their coffee and drink a lot of it. Tim Wendelboe, however, one of Norway’s most well-known coffee experts, told NRK he personally prefers the clear coffee that filters provide.

The health directorate’s latest recommendations for preventing heart disease and lowering cholesterol includes restricting intake of non-filtered coffee including espresso and that made from machines using capsules. The latter are found not only in many Norwegian homes but also countless offices. Freeze-dried instant coffee is okay because it doesn’t contain the potentially harmful coffee oil. staff