Norwegians tops in coffee drinking

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Norway has emerged as the next-largest importer of coffee in the world on a per capita basis, second only to Finland. New figures from state statistics bureau SSB confirm that Norwegians drink a lot of coffee, all year round.

Coffee is popular in all the Nordic countries, not least Sweden, but Norway’s consumption is especially high. SSB reported this week that annual coffee imports into Norway amount to around 40,000 tons, or about 9.5 kilos (nearly 21 pounds) per person, while the Finns import 14 kilos per person.

SSB’s numbers also showed that Norway imported 0.5 percent of all the coffee produced in the world last year. Around half of all the coffee bound for Norway comes from Brazil.

The statistics agency also calculated that Norwegians drink around 0.4 liters, or around five cups, of coffee a day.

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