Curling duo wins before OL starts

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A Norwegian curling pair beat their Canadian gold-medal rivals at an Olympic preliminary even before the Winter Games in Pyeonchang officially open on Friday. The victory came despite, or perhaps because of, some quarreling between the two, Magnus Nedregotten and Kristin Skaslien. 

“I said she had to sharpen up and smile a bit,” Nedregotten, age 27, told state broadcaster NRK. “I felt that Kristin was mad at me because I’d made some mistakes. We live together and I know she loves me, so I figure she’ll tolerate some commentary.”

He was right. Skaslien, age 32, smiled when it was all over and told NRK “I’m not angry at all!” They otherwise played well and beat the Canadians 9-6 in the opening mixed-doubles event. They were clearly relieved to beat possibly their toughest rivals for the gold, and hoped the victory will eventually land them on the winners’ platform. staff