Curling uncurled at Olympics

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For the first time in years, their fancy pants didn’t help much. Norway’s men’s curling team lost a critical match at the Winter Olympics in South Korea that knocked them out of the race for more medals.

“I’m disappointed, because I’d hoped we would fight for medals and be part of the finals,” Norway’s skip Thomas Ulsrud told state broadcaster NRK. “We just weren’t good enough this time.”

There had been a discussion in Norway before the Olympics whether the veteran Team Ulsrud should be sent to the games or the up-and-coming Team Minera Skifer. Ulsrud’s experienced team was chosen but now the discussion has renewed.

Ulsrud himself told NRK that Norway is lucky. “We have a young Norwegian team on the way up, but I don’t think they would have done any better here now,” Ulsrud said. Norway lost to Italy on Tuesday, meaning the Italians will move on to the quarter-finals instead of the Norwegians. staff