Immigrants boost population growth

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Immigrants now make up 14.1 percent of the Norwegian population. Their children bring their representation up to 17.3 percent, according to the latest figures from state statistics bureau SSB (Statistics Norway), after a year that otherwise was characterized by weak immigration growth. 

The total number of Norwegian residents with immigrant background stood at 916,625 on January 1, when Norway’s total population hit 5,295,619.

SSB reported that the number of people with immigrant background in Norway (immigrants plus their children) rose by nearly 32,000 last year. That made up the vast majority of an overall population increase of 37,300.

Fully 48.6 percent of immigrants in Norway come from other European countries, mostly Poland, Lithuania and Sweden. Another 47 percent have roots in Asia and Africa.

Immigration rose by just 3 percent from 2016, the lowest in 20 years. That’s likely because of the plunge in asylum seekers arriving in Norway and the after-effects of the oil price dive that hurt the job market and made it less attractive for work migrants. staff