Hot weather moves north

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The hot, dry weather that’s left Southern Norway sweltering for weeks on end was making a sudden and strong appearance in the country’s northern counties this week. After an early summer that included storms and even snow, new heat records were already being set.

The northern city of Bodø, which shivered through most of June, was suddenly awash in sunshine and an official temperature of 29.8C. That prompted many Bodø residents to flock to nearby beaches and plunge into the still-chilly seas.

At Mo i Rana in Nordland County, old thermometer records were broken by a high of 32.6C  (90F).  State broadcaster NRK reported that several weather stations, even in the mountains of Nordland, also recorded so-called tropenetter, when temperatures stay above 20C (nearly 70F) during the entire night.

Temperatures in Norway’s northernmost counties of Finnmark and Troms were also topping the scales at 28-30C, as the hottest air that’s hovered over the south finally moved north and east. It was hot in Kirkenes and temperatures were expected to remain high for the next several days. staff