‘Maud’ returns to Norway

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The remains of a ship that polar explorer Roald Amundsen sailed on another expedition through the Northwest Passage have arrived back in Norway. The polar ship Maud had been abandoned on a beach in northern Canada, with half of it lying under water for the past 90 years.

A group of local boosters in Vollen in Asker, west of Oslo where the vessel was built, was behind efforts to save the ship and tow it back to Norway. On Monday, 100 years after Amundsen sailed out of Oslo on Maud, the vessel was towed back into Vågen in Bergen.

It’s already been towed from its long-term resting place in Canada back to the Atlantic, then to Greenland and finally over the sometimes treacherous North Sea. It survived the journey, and will now continue being towed around the southern coast of Norway and back to Vollen, where its saviours hope to restore the vessel and put it on public display.

newsinenglish.no staff