Island murderer committed to psychiatric care

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A 28-year-old man from Lithuania has been committed to a state psychiatric institution after he beat a man to death with a spade on the otherwise idyllic island of Nakholmen in the Oslo Fjord last year. The man was deemed to be psychotic at the time of the murder.

He’s also still diagnosed as having a psychiatric disorder. The murder occurred after the man had taken a ferry to the island and was found plundering a local boat. When 59-year-old Thoralf Eriksen intervened, the defendant attacked Eriksen, testifying later in court that he thought Eriksen was “the devil.” Eriksen, one of those having a holiday cottage on Nakholmen, died from injuries sustained in the attack.

Newspaper Dagbladet reported that friends of the assailant, who had stopped taking medicine for his condition, had tried to get him admitted for psychiatric care but allegedly were turned away by an emergency hospital in Asker og Bærum. The man was quickly sent to a psychiatric institution after the murder and remains there. staff