Solberg and May settle citizens’ rights

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Nothing is certain regarding post-Brexit trade deals, but the prime ministers of Norway and Great Britain could set aside concerns about at least one consequence of Brexit: Norwegians and British citizen will, they agreed, retain their residence and working rights in each others’ countries.

Norwegian Prime Minister Erna Solberg promised British Prime Minister Theresa May that British citizens in Norway will have the same rights as they have today, even after Britain leaves the Europea Union. Residence and work permission is currently granted on the basis of EU agreements that will no longer apply, but Solberg said British in Norway have no reason to worry. They can retain both working and residence rights.

May promised the same, saying that Britain wants expatriate Norwegian citizens to remain since they’re “a part of our nation and our society.” Both prime ministers thus confirmed that current practice will continue regardless of the outcome of the ongoing Brexit negotiations. staff