Four missing after avalanches

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Three men from Finland and a woman from Sweden were missing Wednesday, after they’d set off on a trek to the summit of Blåbærtind in the valley called Tamokdalen in Troms, Northern Norway. Several avalanches are believed to have occurred in the area while they were there.

Norwegian Broadcasting (NRK) reported that police were unsure whether they’d been caught in an avalanche themselves. A Swedish man they’d been skiing with first called for help after he lost sight of them

An ambulance helicopter from the University of Northern Norway in Tromsø had been searching for the group, along with police and a volunteer search and rescue team. Their efforts were made difficult by bad weather in the area.

The four trekkers were last seen around 2pm on Wednesday. “There’s no sign of the them,” Morten Augensen of the Troms Police District told NRK Wednesday evening. staff